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We create visualisations tailored to your project

From B2B marketing to internal communication material, to social media content: we help you convince your clients with visual storytelling.

VisualisATION & Animation

networked products



We explain your strategy visually and expressive.

We believe that medical professionals deserve engaging and expert-level visualisations of their devices & the systems that connect them.We make your presentation stand out with visuals that do your idea justice.

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VisualisATION & Animation



& products

We help companies tell the Story of their Products.

We believe that complex medical use cases involving physical injuries and other serious medical conditions can be presented with technical accuracy while maintaining human dignity.

We help you showcase the application of your products and highlight their benefits to patients and medical professionals.

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User Interface design



3D Images

Our pictures save you thousand bullet points.

We create engaging graphical user interfaces for medical devices, for SCADA systems as well as for websoftwares. Our interfaces ensure the safe and productive operation of many health care and medical industry professionals.

Aesthetic visual appereance combined with 3D visuals of the device provide users with orientation and with a strong emotional relation to the brand.

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our competencies

We are at home in the



We are at home in the medical sector and have long-time experience in product design, so that we can provide you with expert level renderings without extensive contextual onboarding.

Medical Design

Creative services for medical contexts

Visualising healthcare environments & medical products, explanatory videos, training manuals, medical user interface design, surgery documentation




& design

We create high-quality representations from your existing image and CAD / 3D material without time-consuming and cost-intensive photo shoots.

3D Visualisation

3D Visualisation

3D modeling, 3D stage building, 3D rendering, materials, lighting

Animation & Animated infographics

Visual storytelling, storyboarding, visualising abstract concepts

Animation Animated Infographics
Video Animation

Foto & video

Photo retouching, photography, video creation, video editing, content creation

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