Dräger Hospital




We believe

that medical professionals deserve engaging visualisations.

This is why we provide Dräger with expert-level visualisations of their devices and connected technologies.

The challenge

How can we Make Dräger Medical's Complete Offer for hospitals


In just

1 Picture?

Dräger needed an overview of all its activity areas and products in a hospital, clustered into topics.
Further requirements: showing patient pathway and segmentation of IC and NC.

The outcome

One Visual System

For All



The result of the collaboration is a complex overview graphic in which all premises are logically linked to each other and visualise different company-relevant scenarios.

The representation addresses both internal and external stakeholders and is used in the medical, business and marketing areas.

The style enables a flexible adaptability to different application areas and markets, as well as the scalability and inclusion of new devices and sectors.

In addition, a basis has been created to process the data for augmented and virtual reality and to use it in an e-learning context.

Our Process




We conceptualised the design in close cooperation and consultation with hospital planners, medical professionals and key account managers of Dräger.

We paid special attention to realistic segmentation of hospital areas as well as the logical display of patient pathways when creating the view.




We have created a sensitive and appealing style of representation to present various Dräger workstations and use cases in the hospital context.

A mixture of architectural view and high quality renderings complemented by photomontage of people from the in-house photo archive.

3D architecturerenderinghospital rendering



Function and status displays, process representations and information flow indications, tailored to the design language of the brand, structure the visualisations and convey important information for the viewer.

Client Benefits

we saved our client

A 1000



The resulting illustrations are used by Dräger in animated form on various platforms for brand communication.

In internal documents, the illustrations are used in training materials and presentations.

For external communication you can see them on print products e.g. in brochures and posters as well as on a variety of social media campaigns.

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