Medical Visualisations


for medical


We believe

that complex medical use cases involving serious medical conditions can be presented with technical accuracy while maintaining human dignity

We created a series of anatomic illustrations for BSN medical. Incorporated into an e-learning tool, the illustrations help to introduce medical professionals to the proper handling of injuries.

The challenge

How can we create


& Appealing



Helping healthcare professionals handle and explain orthopedic issues with comprehensive and on brand illustrations.

The outcome

Anatomy learning Made



& Human

The result of the collaboration is a comprehensive set of visual material of the e-learning platform with 100+ anatomically correct illustrations for the professional orthopedic context.

We developed a 3D rendering based visual language that provides the user with real-life experience of the scientific content while maintaining a humanistic approach to life sciences. In order to conserve the patients dignity and strenghten the practitioners empathy with their patients, we depicted wounds and injuries with extra care.

Our Process




After a workshop lasting several days, during which basic training on the special aspects of the medical area and a rough agreement on subjects took place, suitable means for an effective cooperative exchange of work were determined.




We defined the overall appearance of the visuals, the level of detail and the use of graphic elements.

We curated a set of thematic photography material and adapted them to the BSN brand identity for a seamless integration into the brand’s product design environment.



in Focus

Bone structures, nerve changes, muscle, skin and connective tissue injuries and structures are visually explained and presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Finally, the photographs were completed with the accurate anatomical visualizations.

Client Benefits

We helped BSN Provide their users

With real-life



The graphics are used internally and externally in e-learning as well as in future brochures for the training of orthopedists and paramedics.

On posters and trade fair displays, they support the brand in its external communication and make direct reference to involved stakeholders in e-mail banners.

On social media channels, the images are used for content creation.